Painting and drawing

Why ‘Sun and shadows’?

Painting is like life, it has its sunny and shady moments. When you realize that nettles which started to grow on your garden are already very tall and decide that this weekend you will not clean your house, because you ‘must’ paint, you know that you are already hooked on. Then you need to set up your web page. Hiding all pictures in the attic is not a good idea anymore, because -no matter what we do in our lives- one needs to stick out a neck, communicate and learn from other people.

I am using various drawing/painting techniques and motives. All pictures are published in the Gallery, but I very rarely use social media, because in this way too much time, which is needed for work, is wasted. Self-criticism is still an important part of my character, but I learned that I should not expect too much: the final painting is never exactly as I wanted/planned for! I rather enjoy painting.

PENCIL – very clearly shows your drawing skills, I need to practice more!

CHARCOAL – love at second sight

AQUARELLE – wonderful, but very difficult technique

SOFT AND OIL PASTELLE – they are charming, I need to use them more frequently

OIL – love at first sight

ACRYL – at the beginning I did not like it, now we are friends