About me

Maja Andrič

HOBBY: drawing and painting

I am learning to paint in ‘Od pike do slike school, which is led by M. A. Nataša Jan Virant, who is an excellent mentor and artist. Since I only work at weekends, there is never enough time for painting! In Gallery you can find drawings/pictures (various techniques and motives) that were created since September 2014.

Contact: maja.andric@siol.net, tel. +386 (0)51 637344

PROFESSION: Palynologist, working at ZRC SAZU, Institute of Archaeology in Ljubljana (Slovenia).

My research: Palynologists study fossil pollen grains in lake and marsh sediments to investigate vegetation changes. My research interests include studies of vegetation history in the last 15.000 years and human impact on the environment in various archaeological time periods.

Contact: maja.andric@zrc-sazu.si, tel. +386 (0)1 4706434

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